Ibric Soy C2G 140ml

410.00 lei



Soy Turkish Coffee pots are handmade in Istanbul Turkey. Each pot is hand formed and hammered by master craftsman in a small studio near the Grand Bazaar. The hand hammering technique increases the durability of the pots and allows us to offer lifetime guarantees. Everything about these pots: their shape, design and composition, make them the ideal pot for brewing Turkish Coffee. In 2013 these were the pots used by Turgay YILDIZLI when he won the Cezve/Ibrik competition and now they are the first choice of Turkish Coffee professionals worldwide.
Material: 1.5mm thick copper allows for ideal heat conductivity.
Plating: Silver plating is both a better conductor and longer lasting in comparison with the traditional tin plating.
Shape: The smaller rim diameter with a wider bottom allows for firm foam development without the need to overheat the slurry.
Spout Shape: Prevents loss of foam during pouring.
Handle: The bronze handle is the proper length and angle for ergonomic pouring as well as the attachment to the pot helps to prevent the handle from overheating.
Before using your Soy Turkish Coffee Pot for the first time:

Wash with warm soapy water and dry before making a coffee that will be thrown away then rewash the pot and you are ready to begin brewing Turkish Coffee.

General Rules for care and use of your Soy Turkish Coffee Pot:

Wash with warm soapy water and dry after each use taking special care to be sure no grounds stay in the pot.

With normal use the outer surfaces may become tarnished, use a metal polish to restore the copper to its original luster. If you choose to also polish the inside silver plating take care to rub gently and then repeat the steps of first time use before beginning to brew Turkish Coffee in your pot again.


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